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Expanded Core Curriculum at Narbethong


At Narbethong State Special School there are 11 teachers dispersed throughout the school who are trained and qualified as Teachers of the Vision Impaired. Each section of the school includes at least one of these teachers to support, advise and mentor other teachers in the school.

As the students who attend Narbethong State Special School have unique disability specific needs and abilities, the teaching and learning at Narbethong State Special School is very unique. We follow the Australian Curriculum for English and Mathematics while embedding the FIELA Curriculum and the Expanded Core Curriculum.

The role of educators of the vision impaired at Narbethong State Special School, is to ensure that low vision and blind students achieve mastery of an array of additional disability specific skills in addition to the regular ‘core curriculum’ subjects of English and Mathematics from the Australian Curriculum.

For students with vision impairment in addition to studying the core curriculum subjects, further skills and knowledge “that are needed by students with visual impairments because of their unique disability-specific needs” have to be learnt (Hatlen, 1996, p. 1). These skills and knowledge are referred to as the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) and are categorised under nine areas.

At Narbethong State Special School we embed the Expanded Core Curriculum into the Australian Curriculum. This is to ensure that all students learn the appropriate skills to be functioning members of society. The Expanded Core Curriculum assists students with a vision impairment to understand and participate in the Australian Curriculum. It also prepares students adequately for their future.

All nine areas of the ECC are implemented on a daily basis. However, at least one of the nine areas is reported on for each student every semester in their Individual Learning Plan. The goal to be reported on is specifically selected and developed by the teacher in relation to the individual child’s needs and abilities.