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Activity boards

Brush Board

The brush board encourages tactile exploration particularly with the hands. It can also facilitate:

  • Banging games
  • Separating games when brushes are joined together
  • Transfer of objects between hands.

Tactile Board

This is made to encourage children to bend and scratch with their fingers. Pieces of materials of various textures are glued on to a board. Examples of suitable materials are artificial grass, bubble plastic, corrugated cardboard etc.

The Position board

A piece of pegboard approximately 30 x 45 cm’s on to which various objects have been tied by elastic. The child can manipulate and explore the objects, bringing them to the mouth or moving them from hand to hand. However if thrown the objects will remain tied to the board to help students repeatedly explore the same object.

As many of our students cannot see or move effectively to recover items as a sighted child would do, the elastic is a vital part of the position board.

Position boards can take many different forms for many different uses.