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Ball forest and Den


Ball Forest

The Ball Forest is a large piece of equipment (dimensions 150 cm by 150 cm), designed to encourage students to explore a large number of objects. The ball forest is made by placing a resonance board (a large piece of plywood with raised edges) on top of four essef boards, offering a less stable surface for students to lay or sit on. Objects are suspended over the area of the resonance board.

Because the resonance board is raised off the ground, students also love exploring 'vertical space' on the ball forest, by reaching down from the platform with their hands and feet.

The ball forest has also been successful in encouraging children to turn to the side or roll and experiment with whole body movements.


The Den is similar to the ball forest but without the essef boards. The den has a stable base and walls, as well as a roof to provide a safe secure boarded environment to work in and explore.