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Essef board

​A student using an essef board to develop balance

The essef comprises two pieces of plywood joined together by six springs.

The purpose of the essef is to provide a bouncy platform on which to play kicking and pushing games.

The essef may be used in a number of ways:

  • the child can kick against an essef placed beneath his / her feet;
  • can be used in conjunction with the hopsadress or the Lili hammock and can be used with various tactile or auditory materials placed on the top of it;
  • facilitate a child’s learning to use his / her hands and feet at the same time by being placed under the feet whilst the child is exploring objects at a table;
  • place a child in a sitting position on the essef and the unstable “seat” can help to improve balance and may help to enable learning of the protective reflex;
  • stand a child on the essef whilst holding on to a bar and learn to bounce and then to walk with support
  • used in conjunction with a resonance board to help create a ball forest.