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Sensory Programs at Narbethong State Special School

​Sensory stimulation programs for our students with multiple impairments, are focused on giving sensory experiences to their bodies, so they can experience a range of sensations to build body awareness and discrimination.

To build awareness of their bodies, students experience a variety of body sensations, including vibration, massage with scented oils, joint stimulation through gentle compression and stretch. The students are also offered a range of different sensations, varying the texture (hard/soft, rough/smooth, silky/scratchy), temperatures (hot/warm/cold/icy), weight (light, heavy), smells (citrus, lavender, cinnamon, different crushed herbs) and where permitted, different tastes.

The occupational therapist has designed the program and trained the teachers and teacher-aides to deliver the program, with careful monitoring of the student’s responses. The sensory programs give the students many opportunities to communicate their likes and dislikes to the staff, who record these so the program can be adjusted to suit the individual student preferences.

A hand sensory program has also been designed to build sensory awareness of the student’s hands before they engage in functional tasks such as eating, playing with their specific Active Learning tasks and using switches.

Below are some photos depicting this hand sensory program.