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Support bench

The support bench has been designed to help children with vision impairment and/or additional disabilities play in a prone position. It facilitates student gross motor and fine motor development in many ways.

When students are actively at play using the support bench, this activity:

  • Strengthens muscles and develops coordination between arm and leg movements and the muscles needed for sitting, crawling and reaching;
  • Will develop the necessary curves of the spine and the muscles of the back and neck that assist the child to sit without support and assist head control.

The support bench can be used in many ways to achieve these goals including:

  • Kicking against an essef board to develop leg strength
  • with a position board under their feet or hands to encourage simultaneous gross and fine motor play (something all babies learn to do from a young age)
  • with wheels on the support bench to act as a crawler and encourage movement and allow the student to find their own activities to play with

All of these activities give the student motivation to move, play and to weight bear, which will help develop upper body strength and head control.