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Mission and values

Our purpose at Narbethong State Special School is to achieve the best educational outcomes for the students of our school who are vision impaired, deaf blind, or blind and with additional disabilities. We do this with an emphasis on the “Active Learning” methodology.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting the best interests of each student
  • Providing quality service
  • Accepting professional and whole school accountability

We value:

  • Each student
  • Each member of the school staff
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • The rights of students to personal respect, privacy and dignity
  • The involvement of parents and the wider community in the educative process

We believe:

  • Each student can learn and has the right to access a quality curriculum
  • Each student’s potential should be maximised and their quality of life appreciated and enhanced
  • Educational programs provided to each student must help them to achieve a quality of life with the greatest degree of independence
  • In the Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) process for each student who is vision impaired, deaf blind, blind or with an additional disability
  • Areas covered in the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) are: Motor Development; Personal and Social Development; and Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Each student should be encouraged to be an important and valued member of society
  • In productive partnerships that encourage a team approach that enables all staff to be motivated to achieve, are valued for their contribution and accountable for their efforts.