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Our school

As the Principal of Narbethong State Special School it is my pleasure to welcome you to this community.

This school community consists of a dedicated professional group of educators, therapists, teacher-aides, state-wide orientation and mobility specialists, the paediatric low vision clinic, school nurse and guidance officer who all work closely with families and carers to achieve the best possible education and quality of life outcomes for students with high support needs. The school actively recruits volunteers to assist with our programming options, and I would like to acknowledge the efforts of this core group of people for their work supporting our school.

Every member of our partnerships will tell you, “We are here for the students.”

We are very proud to be a State Special School and have a campus that allows for the many diverse programs we offer.  The school also has an indoor hydrotherapy pool and uniquely constructed playgrounds.  We use 2 school buses to ensure our students have access to the wider community and teachers include these activities in the student Individual Education Plans.

Parents and Carers have consistently given the school very high ratings within our school opinion survey and are extremely pleased with the programming on offer here.  I believe that this strength has been achieved by the dedicated working relationships built between school and home and encourage this shared partnership.

Narbethong State Special School provides a number of services for students primarily with a visual impairment and our programs incorporate the Active Learning methodology of the late Dr. Lilli Nielsen. These programs are offered to children who are blind or have severe vision impairments, with or without additional disabilities.

Being a specialist vision impairment setting, Narbethong draws its students from all over Brisbane, and we take very seriously the belief that everyone learns through doing things for themselves, at their own time.

Narbethong specialist services based on our campus including:

  • Early Childhood Developmental Program
  • School age program
  • Paediatric Low Vision Clinic
  • State-wide Orientation and Mobility Team

Early Childhood Developmental Program (ECDP)

Our ECDP supports students from birth with a diagnosed visual impairment. Our programs range from once a week child and family support groups, through to full time early entry programs to offer an alternative option for students of prep age who would be likely to require a special school placement for their formal education in the future.  The EDCP is also able to offer dual placements to support students who may be attending their regular school setting part-time. For information regarding eligibility and specific program offerings please contact us.

School age program

Our school age program caters for students with a visual impairment and additional disabilities from prep age through to the end of high school at approximately 18 years of age. We cater our programs range from mobility and life skill training, to programs for students with severe physical impairments.

For information about programs and enrolment, please feel free to contact us.

Paediatric Low Vision Clinic (PLVC)

The PLVC is a state-wide direct support to provide vision assessments, information and recommendations to carers and educational support staff. This services offer diagnoses and review of visual conditions in the fields of both Optometry and Ophthalmology.

Please view our brochure on the Paediatric Low Vision Clinic services (PDF, 197 KB).

For more information please contact us via the receptionist at the PLVC.

Metropolitan Orientation and Mobility team (O and M)

The metropolitan region orientation and mobility team are based at Narbethong. This service provides analysis and strategies to allow students to learn to become more independent in how they explore space and eventually find their way around independently and ensures the capacity building of staff and carers who support visually impaired students.

Please go our orientation and mobility page about the services and strategies.

For more information please contact us