Parents & Citizens Association (P&C)


​What do we do?

The Narbethong State Special School P&C is a small group of parents and carers who are committed to supporting the school and its community in many ways. We endeavour to promote the school's interests, facilitate the school's development and contribute to the school's improvement.

How do we do it?

Providing opportunities for parents, carers and families to be involved in their child's education and the broader school community.

In 2021 we have run the Narby Fun Day, hosted a Mother's Day High Tea at Blue Tongue Pantry and offered families the opportunity to buy school hats and schoolhouse polo shirts. 

In addition, the P&C manages the Buy, Swap Sell page and School Uniform Shop. We are also hoping to run a Father's Day Activity in Term 3. ​

Fundraising to provide donations to the school for resources and equipment.

In 2020 the P&C raised $2,700. These donations and existing funds were used to purchase music equipment (gathering drum and bass guitar), and iPads to provide Class Dojo access for each classroom. The P&C also sponsors the annual Big Impact - Active Learning Awards. In 2021 the P&C fundraising focus is on Technology in Education.


Providing feedback on school policies and activities

The P&C is regularly provided with opportunities to provide input and feedback on school policies and activities. The P&C recently provided input on the Student Sun Safety Policy and Student Code of Conduct. In 2020 P&C Members provided input to the School Review which is crucial to developing plans for the future direction of your child's school.

How can you help us?
There are many ways that you can help out the Narbethong P&C.  You can:
  • Join meetings to meet other parents and carers from the school community, ask questions and gain information.
  • Attend and Participate in community activities arranged by the P&C.
  • Assist in seeking donations for raffle prizes and/or arranging/coordinating a fundraising activity.
  • Join the conversation on the Parents and Friends of Narbethong Facebook Group:
  • Cash in your empty drink containers through Containers for Change and direct your refund to the P&C using the refund code: C10174693. Ask your family and friends to do the same.
  • Ask your family and friends to purchase an annual Entertainment Membership. The P&C will receive 20% from every membership sold. Click here to purchase an entertainment book:


Join us!
General P&C meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each term. We are able to offer remote attendance options for parents who would like to be involved but are unable to attend in person.

2021 Dates
​3 August
​P&C Meeting (9:30am)​
​4 September
​Father's Day Activity
​Term 3*
​Honey Fundraiser
12 OctoberP&C Meeting (9:30am)
​Term 4*
​Christmas Raffle

Contact Us

If you would like to attend any of the P&C meetings or obtain further information about any of the activities/events planned, please email us for more information: 

email logo.png 

Remember to join  our Facebook group Parents and Friends of Narbethong School. Please ensure you answer the group questions after submitting your join request. 

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Additional P&C Initiatives

Splashy for Loan


Thanks to a generous donation from Special Needs Solutions, the school now has a Splashy Portable Bath Seat available for short-term loan to school families.

The Splashy is a portable bath seat for kids with disabilities. It makes their bath-time a ton of fun and a lot easier for grown-ups. It’s a portable, lightweight and supportive seat that works for bathing or messy games wherever you go. The maximum user weight for the Splashy is 30kg, so it can range from 1-8 years old depending on the child.  

Please contact the school office if you have any questions or require further information about borrowing the Splashy.  

Information for P&C associations

The department’s education website provides information for Parents & Citizens Associations – to help them with procedures and processes and provide access to the peak body websites. 

Please visit the education website for specific information.

Last reviewed 29 July 2021
Last updated 29 July 2021